Coronavirus Update

I’m sure we all would love to take a break from hearing the C word at the moment, but unfortunately, it’s unavoidable. Many across the globe are feeling the effects of the Coronavirus and it may often feel like there is no end in sight!

There is no doubt that many businesses are suffering greatly with the general public being encouraged to stay home and avoid social gatherings all together. So, where does this leave the hospitality industry? Is there anything you can do to encourage these people to still use your services? The answer is yes, you can certainly try and accommodate people in the current situation. 

What can you do?

An important point that this pandemic has brought to light for businesses, is the importance of your online marketing and how you communicate your business to your consumers. With people staying home and relying so heavily on their devices for the latest news and communication with friends and family, this is your most valuable tool to let them know you’re still here for them. If you haven’t already, now is the time to set up social media pages for your business, as it is likely to be your only way of reaching your customers now. 

If we take it right back to the basics, what are people really concerned about? So concerned that they have locked themselves away in their homes. Ultimately, they do not want to catch the virus. So they need to be reassured that they will not catch it from you. One of the important messages you want to communicate, and we can see so many of you already are, is the steps you are taking to stay hygienic. Reassuring your consumers hands are being washed regularly and thoroughly, surfaces and furniture are being regularly cleaned, if you have tables and chairs, remove some to allow space for social distancing, increasing ventilation by opening windows and doors and much more. You can find further information on cleanliness here. 

Lots of shops are already offering delivery services now and taking it one step further and offering contactless delivery. This is a great idea and allows you to reach your customers in their time of need. You can either use the channels such as Just Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo etc or get set up yourself. Or if this isn’t an option for you, why not start a click & collect service or telephone order system? Maybe you can ask your customers to provide their car registration details and send the food out to them when they arrive, this method means the only people you have to worry about contaminating your shop is your staff, and at least you can monitor them closely. There are various options you can choose from, but you have to choose what is best for your own business.  

Your community having their beloved fish and chips delivered right to their door safely hopefully gives them a sense of enjoyment and nostalgia in these uncertain times! Perhaps it is worth thinking about if there are things you can do to support those in your community who need it most. Maybe you can send food to a local care home or offer discount to those working frontline such as NHS workers & carers etc. 

Be in the know

Keep up to date with the NFFF website as they are offering lots of helpful information and tools to help you keep going. It’s important we all help each other in this industry, we want to come out of the other side frying and smiling. If you aren’t already a part of the Fish and Chip Industry Discussion Group or Owners & Lovers of Fish & Chips or Fish and Chip Shop Owners/Managers Forum, then we would highly recommend you join. It is a fantastic platform for our industry to keep in touch with one another and provide support where needed. It’s also wise to regularly keep up to date with the government website to ensure you are up to date with the changes being made. 

We at Florigo would like to wish you all well and hope that you stay safe. There may not be much we can do to help you during these times, but we are still here and we’re not going anywhere. Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones, we hope that we can be back to normality soon.


Note for Florigo Customers

Florigo engineers are still working across the UK to support its customers. We are asking everyone to be understanding of the current issues affecting the country when requesting assistance from the service team.

The wellbeing of our employees and customers is of the greatest importance and therefore we may have to adjust our attendance times to follow official guidelines from the Government and UK Health Authorities.

We will update you if and when anything changes, but in the meantime, please take care of yourselves and your loved ones and hopefully, soon we can be back to normality.