Unique Features

Halo Lighting

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Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could have an unhindered view of your pans while you are frying!

With Florigo Halo Lighting added to your range, that’s exactly what you get.

Enjoy a halo of light over your pans, giving you an unhindered view of the frying area and the products within.

Beautifully lit, this feature is a phenomenal improvement to your range and a great benefit to operators when checking the condition of your frying medium.

Another brand new unique feature added to your Florigo range.

You won’t get this anywhere else!

Active Triple Filtration

Our filtration systems are renowned and used by fish and chip shop owners across the UK, to help improve their oil quality, efficiency and economy. Our latest Active Triple Filtration system has been

completely re-engineered to filter out even the finest impurities and keep the oil cleaner for longer. Not only this, but the system keeps the working area cleaner and safer, allowing staff to do their job optimally. Let’s take a look at the new system in more detail:

First filtration
Like our previous models, the Active system still has the crumb filters in the pans, to capture all the coarse crumbs and drain the oil off.

Second filtration
Again, the Active Triple Filtration system still benefits from the second filtration level, using a gravity fed filter bag to remove finer crumbs and large sediments.

Third filtration
The third level of filtration targets the finest dark carbon sediments that cannot easily be removed. The new system uses a filter pump which pulls the oil and fat through an interchangeable filter-pad. This is the only way to remove even the smallest carbon particles. The Active Triple Filtration can capture impurities from any oil, allowing you to save money, save time and improve your finished products.

Mirror doors

Florigo frying range, mirror doors, fish and chips
Florigo frying range, mirror doors, fish and chips

Unique to Florigo our Mirror Doors enhance your product’s presentation whilst obscuring the workings of the kitchen behind and still allowing the chef to see from their side of the range.

High efficiency

Florigo frying range round pans
High Effiency, Active Triple Filtration, Halo Lighting Brand New Frying Range at Fish Kitchen
Basket frying chips on high efficiency frying range

With over 15 years’ experience of building High Efficiency pans, we set our standards very high: all our technology is around the pan, rather than through it, leaving you to free or basket fry without cumbersome heat exchangers in the way.

When you choose our High Efficiency pans, you know that you get the control you need regardless of the experience of the fryer: our burners alter according to the volume put in the pans, giving you a consistent product. And it’s not just us who rate our pans: in excess of 92% efficient, they have been approved and regulated by Gastec, the independent government body in Holland.

Don’t forget, we’re so confident in our pans and what they can do, we offer a no quibble 5 year pan warranty and we were the first company to do so.

Multi-coloured LED Lighting

Florigo counter frying range
Florigo counter frying range
Florigo counter frying range

With 9 different colour settings, you can have a different colour every day of the week or leave the colours to rotate throughout the day.