Bells’ Signature Style

Graham Kennedy’s most recent Bells Fish Shop includes all his signature features that make his shops a ‘must-visit’ destination in the Durham area: fantastic fish and chips as well as a striking shopfit that really make it stand out in this residential area.

Similar features from his previous shops have been included: a fish tank, LED colour changing lighting on the menu board and the same ‘school of fish’ lamp shade as in his Bells Fish Restaurant. The Bells motif of a fish, as in previous shops, has also been incorporated throughout the shop design: stencils on the window, signage as well as an eye-catching bespoke clock made up of the fish.

Another similarity to his other shops is of course his range: Graham has had a 5 pan HE island range installed with all the extras you can get from Florigo; Triple Filtration, mirror doors and a lower profile to make communication easier.

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