We Are Florigo

When you invest in our equipment, you can ensure that you have invested in a reliable and dependable company with a team that will always go above and beyond to help you and put your needs first.

Founded Over 70 Years Ago

Florigo, founded in 1951 was the very first frying range manufacturer in The Netherlands.

As a Dutchman serving at a Dutch military base near Wolverhampton around 1949, Floris Goes experienced the typical English tradition of fish and chips. He liked it but was amazed by the big square pans the products were fried in. The pans contained a lot of fat and did not have a thermostat to keep the correct temperature.

He wondered if it was possible to do this more efficiently and with that thought, back in Holland after his military service, he started his own company in 1951 building frying ranges, first for Dutch cafeterias and snack bars, then fish and chip shops.

Florigo Showroom
Florigo UK Office

An Expanding Business

In the mid-eighties, the sons, Ad, Floris jr. and Ries, joined the company and Florigo started to build frying ranges for the UK market.

Floris set out the founding principles which his sons proceeded to make sure the business still abides by today: to build a strong, high capacity, easy to clean, oil/fat and gas efficient bespoke frying range and to always listen to the customer.

Florigo Holland and Florigo UK Relationship

Florigo Holland had an agent selling into the UK in the past however in 2004 they forged a successful and long-standing relationship with a former multiple fish and chip shop owner, Robert Furey, and Florigo UK was born.

Florgio Offices
Florigo Frying Range

An Exciting Future

In late 2018 Florigo Holland was sold and today it is part of the Ducate group along with Hegro and Du Keiper, meaning they are now one of the largest range manufacturers in Europe. The plan is to introduce strategic and operational opportunities to create sustainable value.

We will always strive to be the best we can be, and our customers will gradually begin to see exciting changes within Florigo.

Meet Our Team

Robert Furey

Managing Director

Clare Booker

Internal Sales Manager

Carol Ann Hartells

Internal Sales

Steve Brooks


Mark Theaker

Consultant Engineer

Gavin Frost


Kevin Sherburn


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