The Florigo Gallery

Video Gallery

Enjoy a halo of light over your pans, giving you an un-hindered view of the frying area and the products within.

Watch Rafael Chandler talk us through blanching chips on Florigo round pans.

Take a look at our video with Theo from the Jolly Fryer! Theo has a counter range with 5 High-Efficiency Pans, Florigo’s Unique Active Triple Filtration and Halo lighting.

Rafael is back again and is talking through the benefits of having a Florigo Island Range.

Rafael can be seen here frying on Florigo round pans!

Take another look at our Halo Lighting on the range in Florigo Hollands showroom.

Watch as our LED lighting changes colour, stylish features can be added to make your Florigo stand out even more

Photo Gallery