Consistently delivering at Barracuda

Consistently delivering at Barracuda

For shops that cook to order, consistency is key and Katherine Zinonos has discovered that this is what her Florigo delivers.

Her new shop, Barracuda Seafood & Grill in Upminster, opened in June and has already built up a steady stream of loyal customers to her door.  Although she has had nine shops in the past, this venture with her business partner Shan Chadha is her first experience with a Florigo.  ‘I had worked with the same fryer manufacturer for years and I wanted something different.  I chose Florigo for the efficiency and after talking to Robert Furey who explained what a Florigo could deliver to the business,’ Katherine explained.

Barracuda proudly displays their new 4 pan wall range to really create an environment of theatre style cooking and includes Florigo’s unique mirror doors behind the hot box to really show off the product.  ‘I love the consistency in the product that the range produces and many people have commented that they like the fact that the product isn’t greasy’, Katherine says.  From the sounds of it, it’s not just her who has noticed the quality of the product: ‘Most importantly our customers are very happy!’

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