Florigo Multi-Unit in Cirencester Night Club

Seventeen Black is a popular wine bar and club in the heart of the Cotswolds. With live music, DJ’s, live sport and more available, the next step for owner Dan Lafford is to provide his customers with the finest Fish & Chips. Knowing Rick Stein has a Florigo, we were at the top of the list for Dan to request a quotation.

The site wasn’t one we come across very often with the kitchen being located in the basement and a very narrow staircase to battle. This was never going to be the easiest installation, but Florigo were more than up to challenge.

With limited space, it was a Florigo multi-unit that was presented to Dan by Florigo’s John Georgallis. Fitted with 2 High-Efficiency Basket Pans, 1 large High-Efficiency Fish Pan and a chip box, this 3 pan multi-unit performs exactly the same as a Florigo frying range. Complete with our Active Triple Filtration system, there is nothing a range can do that this multi-unit can’t.

Now for the difficult bit…Getting it down the stairs! The unit was delivered in 2 sections and carefully brought down the narrow stairs into the basement which sounds a lot easier then it was! Once the unit was in, our engineer assembled it back together. The multi-unit is now in position and Dan has had full training on getting the most out of his Florigo. We look forward to hearing the success story when he starts providing the great food to his customers that a Florigo produces.

Good luck Dan and thank you for choosing Florigo.

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