One Year Later with The Foxhound Inn – Scarborough

The Foxhound inn were serving Roast dinners, steaks and Fish & Chips out of a small kitchen when our Sales Manager John Georgallis paid them a visit, managing on 2 Lincat Fryers serving the restaurant and over the bar for takeaway.

John put a proposal to the owner Gary BlackBurn which suggested they install a Florigo frying range and create a takeaway section at the back of the pub facing the beer garden to serve the local area, passing trade and the nearby caravan parks with traditional fish & chips. A frying range would also allow them to expand the Fish menu in the restaurant to offer all types of fried fish variety.

Gary took Johns advice and The Foxhound Inn and Fisheries was born installing a Florigo 4 pan island range complete with Active Triple Filtration, High Efficiency pans, Mirror Doors, Tinted Glass Inlay and Blue LED down lighting running across the front of the range.

The range has been installed for over 12 months and here is Gary’s account of the progress they have made as a business.

“Before John visited, we had a much smaller kitchen which was in no way equipped to cater for the demand being placed upon us. We were solely reliant on two table top Lincat fryers to fulfill all our frying needs.

Since the sound advice and relentless support and guidance given by John, our turnover figures have tripled and we now call it a quiet week of service if we serve less than 2500 people!

The 4 pan Island range John recommended is simply outstanding and clear to see why Florigo are the market leader and a cut above their competition! The ease of use is fantastic. The filtration system has made maintaining our oil and dripping life so much more cost effective than before.

The efficiency of the range is a real wow point for me! The recovery rate when frying large quantities at once is gobsmacking to watch. It’s as if the range is egging you on to challenge it more and more!

There is no way we could have entertained the number of covers we do now with what we had before and the Florigo just makes the whole process so much more simple, effortless and ultimately satisfying and the end result it allows us to produce is evident in the positive comments we are becoming accustomed to”

We are so pleased to hear of the success that The Foxhound Inn and Fisheries are enjoying and we are sure that this will continue for them.

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