Gills Fry Fry: You Never Go Back After You Fry on a Florigo

For 14 years happy customers have been regularly crossing the threshold of Gills Fry Fry in Sunderland but owner, David Gill, knew that the time had come for the takeaway to be modernised. ‘I had to get new a fryer and pizza oven so I thought it would be perfect timing to get a new shop fit as well which would last me for the next 15 years.’

The result has been a smart and modern refit with a brand new pizza oven and kebab station for his ‘Pizza & Kebab Factory’. Pride of place, sitting facing his customers is his new 4 pan HE island Florigo: ‘I love the range: it’s spot on!’

‘I have six shops altogether with a variety of ranges and there is a massive difference with a Florigo. You never go back to another range after you fry on a Florigo! It’s the next level up: it cuts down on human error which is a huge advantage when you have a lot of staff. I used to have a bit of bother with my other ranges but this Florigo cuts all that bother out. That’s a very important advantage for me.’

And it’s not just with the consistency: ‘The range looks great! It’s got red LED lights across the front and it has a really smart finish especially with the mirror doors on the hotbox. I really like the filtration system; it works well and you can clean it easily. I find that I get lighter oil back in the pan too which drains straight off my product so I can serve healthier food to my customers!’

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