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One of the comments made to us whilst talking to shop owners up and down the country is the cost of gas and how much it can now cost to run older frying ranges with standard pans.  There’s no denying that buying a new frying range is a huge commitment but investing in a Florigo and in our technology can mean that you will see massive gas savings.

For example one of our customers Alan Hawley from Hi Tide in Aylesbury saw a huge savings on his gas bills after buying a High Efficiency Florigo:

‘We’re reaping the benefits now: we’re saving on money with the High Efficiency pans. Our gas bills have been drastically cut: from £700 a month to £259!’

Over a 2 year period, this equates to over £10,000 in savings! And Alan didn’t just see a difference in his gas bills:

‘We’re also making significant savings on the amount of oil we buy: we used to get through 16-20 blocks a week with the old range and now we’re on 10-12 blocks, sometimes even less!’

Therefore any extra investment to install a High Efficiency Florigo fryer with built-in filtration pays for itself in the long term.

It’s not just us who rate our pan: in excess of 92% efficient, they have been approved and regulated by Gastec, the independent government body in Holland.

Don’t forget, we are so confident in our pans and what they can do, we offer a no quibble 5 year pan warranty and we were the first company to do so.

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