The Codbox: Storming Trade

Opening a business can be a daunting prospect, especially if you have never worked in the industry before. For Nick and Lisa Beddoe in Swansea, their hard work has paid off and since opening their first fish and chip shop, The Codbox, at the beginning of October they have seen storming trade: they even went through 50 bags of potatoes within the first two days!

Trade has calmed down now to a steady, yet still very respectable, 20 bags a day so it is safe to say that they have really tested their range to the limits! Even though they are new to fish and chips, they had invaluable advice from a close friend who has various shops in the area and it was their friend who suggested they call on Florigo. They choose a 4 pan counter fryer with two round pans and striking blue backlighting running down the length of the 8m range, making the range really stand out to passers-by and enticing hungry customers in!

So after a very busy first few months, how does Nick feel about his Florigo? ‘I like it all: pans; timers; filtration. It’s really easy to use!’

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