The Florigo Approach: What Sets us Apart?

The Florigo Approach: What Sets us Apart?

As an instrumental component of your business, your frying range should be highly individualised, powerful, and provide exceptional results. It needs to embrace the new advances in the industry and technologies available, so that you can make the most of your food and stand out from the crowd. Therefore, you’ll need a supplier that understands your needs and can offer expertise in the most comprehensive ranges to suit and enhance your capabilities as a fish and chip shop.

Making it Personal

At Florigo we don’t just want to sell you the most expensive frying ranges, our team use their own experience running successful fish and chip shop businesses to advise and recommend frying solutions tailored to your individual requirements. We have over 15 years’ experience in manufacturing High Efficiency pans and we design each range to your exact specifications with our team’s knowledgeable backgrounds.

Our key aim as a company is to provide an individualised, customer-focused service whatever the size, layout and requirements of your shop. Instead of simply asking you what type of equipment you’d like, we take into account your space, staff, work flow and your company image and goals, helping to find you a bespoke frying range that can meet and surpass the needs of your customers.

We have a wide variety of fryer ranges suitable for different shaped spaces, the type of business, and how much or what kind of frying is to be achieved. Our team is happy to take the time to fully understand your requirements and how your fryer can best fit in line with creating a successful business.

Our personal service doesn’t just stop once your equipment is selected; all installations, maintenance and call outs are carried out by our in-house engineers, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your fish and chip fryer will get the level of care it needs to thrive in your shop.

Coming from the industry background ourselves, we’re invested in helping others to learn with us about the new features and advancements which set our ranges apart from others. That’s why we can provide tailored training, either at your shop or at an existing site, getting you and your staff comfortable and ultimately efficient with the new part of your shop. We can even supply support training for your first week of opening, helping you build and maintain the quality level of service and great fish and chips you want to be known for.

For our full selection of frying ranges and equipment, or to find out more about the best-tailored solution for your business, please call the Florigo team on 01527 592 000 and we’ll be happy to help.


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