The range that pays for itself!

With the frying range probably being the most expensive piece of kit in your premises, it is understandable why many businesses struggle on with their existing range, continue to pay out for costly repairs, struggle getting queues down quick enough and plod along with the long drawn out process of filtering oil.

There is a way you can make life so much easier!

You can have a brand new, state of the art Florigo range with High Efficiency pans, built in Active Triple Filtration and pay as you earn with a finance leasing package from Complete Leasing Solutions.

Florigo customers enjoy healthy gas and oil savings. If you took those savings into consideration and put them towards a finance package, then you could say we are practically giving the range away!

As an example, one of our customers saw a huge saving on his gas bill after investing in a High Efficiency Florigo:

“We’re reaping the benefits now: we’re saving money with the High Efficiency pans.  Our gas bills have been drastically cut: from £700 a month to £259!”

And it wasn’t just the gas bill that reduced, they were also making significant savings on oil.

“we used to get through 16-20 blocks a week with the old range and now we’re on 10-12 blocks, sometimes even less!”

A finance package from Complete Leasing Solutions can be tailored to a specific monthly budget and the payments are fixed for the duration so you know exactly what you are paying and when, making it the perfect way to fund your new range.

Consider the benefits:
• Stage payment deals available, so no hefty deposit required
• Payments are 100% tax allowable
• 1-5 year terms available
• New start businesses accepted
• Existing credit lines remain in tact

*You could have a brand new Florigo range from as little as £25.00 per day!
*This figure is a guide only. Payments are subject to range design cost and deals available at time of purchase.

So why settle for inferior equipment?
Spreading the cost makes perfect sense and ensures you get what your business needs.

Make life easy….Fry Florigo!

Contact us today and get the range you’ve always wanted.

Complete Leasing Solutions – – 0191 250 1550

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