While most of the country was on lockdown, Oceans Fish Bar were in the middle of a complete re-fit. After buying a brand-new range & opening up their seating area for the first time recently, we visited owner George Michael to have a catch-up!

How’s trade been since COVID?

Trade’s been good, we’ve added all the required COVID precautions. It took a little while to get back into the swing of things, but we’ve got there now. We have only just re-opened up the seating area; it’s been steady-going and starting to pick up again. We find people are wanting to eat in more often just so they don’t have to wear a mask! Luckily we’ve got all the correct social distancing measures in place, and we wear face shields when doing table service, but it’s just too hot for that behind the range!

Can you tell us a bit about your re-fit?

The shop’s been going for 48 years and was run by my parents. I’ve worked here as long as I can remember. As a kid I would help prepare the potatoes! I took over around 15 years ago, it was just a takeaway back then, so I added a seating area. The restaurant wasn’t big enough and we were working at full capacity. When the adjacent property became available, I purchased it, knocked through the wall, added an extension to the front and the new seating area was born!


Oceans Fish Bar Seating Area

Why did you upgrade your Florigo?

Florigo ticked all the boxes! With the refit we could organise the shop differently. Our Florigo range was only 4 years old, but during that time, business boomed and we just outgrew it massively. I’ve always wanted an Island range and our last Florigo was bomb-proof! We’ve gone from a 3-pan Counter range to a 6-pan Island range and it flows much better now. We really like the Halo Lighting, its fantastic! It allows you to see what you’re cooking so much better. The staff have always loved frying on a Florigo. The pan recovery time is second to none – it’s changed the game!

Florigo Frying Range in Oceans

Are you doing anything for National Fish & Chip day?

Yes, we’ve got the branded t-shirts and we’re going to promote it on social media. I’m glad that it was re-scheduled so we didn’t miss it!

Oceans Fish & Chips

Thanks to Oceans owner George Michael & staff for having us! We’ll be sure to pop-in again soon! 

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