Flocking to Whitby’s Fish Restaurant

Since Whitby’s Fish Restaurant in Doncaster opened its doors, customers have been well and truly flocking there to try out its fish and chips: of its 165 covers, the restaurant is regularly ¾ full at lunch; full capacity during the evening and often has queues out of the door!

‘The site is very prominent’, Managing Director James Foers explained. ‘Customers cannot miss it: it’s opposite Doncaster Racecourse, Doncaster Dome is round the corner, it’s one mile away from the centre and it’s in a residential area. We get a lot of passing trade!’

The company opened its original site in Rotherham in October 2011 and the team knew that their Doncaster site would be far busier; when it came to choosing a range, they knew they had to get a frying range that would cope with high volumes. After discussions with Robert Furey on how to best lay out the kitchen, the team choose a 4 High Efficiency Pan Wall range to serve the restaurant and a 6 High Efficiency Pan Island range to serve the take-away side of the business. Additional features were included in the fryers: a separate filtration system in the takeaway range to provide a popular gluten-free option; 1m chip box in the restaurant range and a thorough filtration system that filters the oil through three systems, before returning the oil back to the pan.

James explains, “In comparison to our Doncaster site, the Florigo range is far better to cook on: it’s more sophisticated, the temperature holds and it’s coping with the amount of customers we are getting through the doors”. And with the amount of customers they get, that’s just as well!

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