Active Triple Filtration

The Florigo Active Triple Filtration System

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Florigo Active Triple Filtration System

Our built in filtration system puts the oil through three separate elements: a crumb filter, a miroil bag, and then pumped through a carbon pad removing even the finest elements of debris before returning it via a separate return pipe, back to the pan.

Not only is this a quicker process than a separate filtration unit, but the system thoroughly cleans oil more easily and quickly, prolonging its life and saving you money.

Florigo Active Triple Filtration System

Stage 1: Through the crumb filter

Like our previous models, the Active system still has the crumb filters in the pans, to capture all the coarse crumbs and drain the oil off.

Stage 2: Through the miroil bag

Again, the Active Triple Filtration system still benefits from the second filtration level, using a gravity fed filter bag to remove finer crumbs and large sediments.

Florigo Active Triple Filtration System
Florigo Active Triple Filtration System

Stage 3:

The third level of filtration targets the finest dark carbon sediments that cannot easily be removed.

The system uses a filter pump which pulls the oil and fat through an interchangeable filter-pad. This is the only way to remove even the smallest carbon particles.

The Active Triple Filtration can capture impurities from any oil, allowing you to save money, save time and improve your finished products.

Active Triple Filtration saves you time and money

Find out why our filtration system can change your business for the better.