Become a Cut above the Rest with Excellent Oil Filtration and Management

Over the last few years chip shops have been faced with a rise in the cost of raw materials and utilities, against the increasing need to provide high quality, healthier goods at lower prices. In a bid to stay above the competition, more owners are investing in high efficiency frying equipment with a brilliant filtration system, in order to reduce energy bills and the costs spent on oil.

An in-built filtration solution

All our ranges include our in-built filtration system, called Florigo Active Triple Filtration, which is as effective as having a separate filtration unit next to the range and takes a fraction of the time to filter. Instead of relying on a gravity fed system, our Active Triple Filtration mechanically drags the oil to remove even the finest elements of debris.

The Florigo Active Triple Filtration system is unique in that it puts the oil through three separate elements: a crumb filter, then a miroil bag, finally being pumped through a carbon pad removing even the finest elements of debris before returning it via a separate return pipe, back to the pan.  Not only is this a quicker process than a separate filtration unit, but the system thoroughly cleans oil more easily and quickly and prolongs its life – saving you money.

At Florigo we’re passionate about finding ways to enhance oil management to provide cost-effective frying solutions, which is why our high standard filtration system delivers much more efficient oil usage:

  • You increase the life of the oil because you remove the debris or impurities before they carbonise in a pan. The lifespan of the oil is more than doubled so you half your annual costs on oil
  • You also use less oil because clean oil does not cling to a product like dirty oil, therefore less oil will be given away on the product
  • You sell a better product so sales should increase: clean oil gives a more aesthetically pleasing look to the product
  • You save gas or electricity: clean oil conducts heat, whereas dirty oil absorbs heat and wastes energy

We believe that we have created a modern frying system that has met and responded to changes in the industry and consumer demands. With the increased consciousness towards healthier lifestyles, the rise in oil costs and the need for cost-efficiency, we completely re-engineered our ranges for fast and effective filtration and oil management which pays for itself in the long term. The Active Triple Filtration model is truly one of a kind: it is one of the only systems to match the increasing use of high efficiency pans, to better filter even the fine carbon which they create. We’re continuing to receive extremely positive reviews for this new frying solution, enabling our customers to save on costs, increase the standards of oil management and improve their offerings as a business.

To speak to us about our in-built filtration systems and to upgrade your frying range, please call Florigo today on 01527 592 000 or email info@florigo.co.uk.