A Step Up: Browns Café

When owners, Charlie and Craig, of Browns Café in Cleethorpes were looking for inspiration to revamp the Café, they visited other sites to see what other owners were doing.  After visiting the Magpie Café’s Scampi Shack in Whitby and the production rate of their Florigo in a compact space, they decided to give us a call.

Previously using solo units, it was a big commitment to purchase a 3 pan High Efficiency Island range, but it was a daunting step that was worthwhile taking.   Craig commented ‘Business could not be better and we are so pleased we chose Florigo to expand our fish and chip business.  Since the Florigo was installed, we have seen a big increase in trade and have just installed 4 new members of staff to cope with the volume.’

Both Charlie and Craig are very happy with the Florigo’s performance, speed and how it fries under pressure in busy periods.  At times they have been so busy that they have run out of normal chips and have had to turn to frozen chips to serve the large volumes of customers; however the frozen chips were still cooked to perfection and the recovery rate on the range was second to none.

They have also been impressed with the ease of use: all their staff have learnt how to use the range and how to fry on it successfully with very little training.

Their customers have also been pleased: they have had a fantastic response from customers and regulars who knew that Browns Café was renowned for its breakfasts but with the new range the quality of fish and chips they were producing were fantastic.  Word has spread and they are picking up new customers and new locals since the range was fitted.

Finally Craig said ‘We are very impressed with Robert Furey and his attention to detail and his expertise of how to relay out a shop.  Not only have we had a range built to order but Robert also designed a bespoke counter to fit our window serving operation.’

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