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Your frying range is the heart of your business: everything revolves around and depends upon it. We are always thrilled to share success stories from our customers and their frying equipment.

David and Nick Miller

Millers, Haxby

After a successful 27 years out of their existing Florigo range, it was time to look for a replacement. David and Nick looked at multiple manufacturers alongside Florigo to investigate the options within today’s market.

Florigo came out on top once again as the range of choice due to the advanced Active Triple Filtration system and the finishing touches like Halo lighting and Mirror Doors, all of which added finesse to what is an outstanding, solid and reliable piece of technology. Florigo installed a new 5 pan High efficiency range in November 2016.

Theo Tsiolas‎

Jolly Fryer

Theo has a counter range with 5 High-Efficiency Pans, Florigo’s Unique Active Triple Filtration and Halo lighting. He’s always giving us amazing feedback as you can see below.

“My wife sometimes says.. “I’m sure your in love with that range” well sometimes I think.. yea she’s got a point.. To do what you love day in day out is an amazing feeling.. but to do it with the very BEST frying range really is the best feeling ever! Would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Grant and Gavin for your fantastic service! Florigo…. really is the next level in fish and chips.”

Daniel Lafford

Malt & Anchor

Malt & Anchor have had their Florigo multi-unit for over 2 years now and Dan has told us all about how pleased he and his staff are with the performance and benefits of the range. The multi-unit has built-in Active Triple Filtration, 2 high-efficiency x2 basket chip pans, 1 high-efficiency fish pan, 1 blown air chip box and lockable castors so the unit can be easily maneuvered if required.

Dan cooks all sorts of dishes with his range, these delicious dishes set him apart from competitors as he puts his own, individual twist on the traditional fish & chips, which has proved to be a monumental success as he has customers coming to try his food from far and wide.

Kristian Curling

Manager at The Golden Galleon

In the lovely town of Aldeburgh, the manager of The Golden Galleon talks us through why he chose Florigo.

Matt Leivers

Head Chef at Star Inn the Harbour

Opened by Michelin-Starred Chef Andrew Pern, The Star Inn chain sets the bar high in the gastropub industry!

What made you chose a Florigo?

“I think that’s really simple, they’re just the best. For us, the build quality is second to none and the reputation of the brand proceeds it. We are very serious about fish frying and the fish fryers themselves, what they do is a proper learnt skill so they need to best equipment, they love using Florigo range for their functionality and the quality of food they produce. Also, the triple filtration is extremely important to us, they basically just ensure the final product is as good as it can possibly be.”

Andrew Wilkinson

Trenchers of Whitby

“We use a lot less oil and gas now, which is money in the bank. The product is hugely consistent, is cooked very quickly and perfectly every time. The Florigo range has allowed us to cook our product to order and the response from the customers has been phenomenal. Our trade has risen conservatively by 25 percent (even taking out price rises) and is still growing.”

David Nicolaou

Auckley Friery

“This is my second Florigo range, when I bought the first range, I did around 2 years of research, looking at what was on the market, I travelled around the country and I’ve seen some sights! It became apparent that shop owners I spoke to spoke very highly of Florigo frying range and honestly, other rival companies couldn’t match the performance of the equipment and the professionalism from the start from Florigo especially with the help and advice from Rob … I have the Rolls Royce of ranges and you do get what you pay for.”

Marco Maestri

Clifton Village Fish Bar, Bristol

“I chose Florigo for the reputation and belief in the company. A friend of mine had a 30-year-old Florigo which was working well, also helping the decision. I had a good relationship with the salesman who catered to all of our needs and I was able to trust the decision I made.”

William Rowe

W J Rowe Fish and Chips

“When we were first looking at choosing our range, we had 3 companies in mind as we heard they were the industry leaders in fryers. It was then a case of sitting down with each company to find out more about their fryers and how they could assist us in our journey. It soon became apparent that Florigo was able to guide us in our venture, we felt they connected to our way of working and the relationship was right. From the day of choosing the range, Robert supported and guided us through this journey with his team and they have played a big part of Bertie’s opening smoothly.”

Spencer Wilson

Berties, Edinburgh

“In my role as a judge for the Drywite Young Fish Frier of the Year Competition, I was invited to visit the Florigo factory in Holland. I had bought my first shop in 1991 and this had one of the first Florigo ranges in the UK when I bought it, and my current range was 10 years old and as the business had grown we really needed an extra pan. Florigo offered the perfect layout to fit in what I needed in the very small space available, and the triple filtration was the best I’d seen anywhere so that’s why I chose Florigo.”

Mark Drummond

Towngate Fisheries

We’ve worked alongside many successful businesses and enjoy seeing them thrive.

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