Our Customers



“We use a lot less oil and gas now, which is money in the bank. The product is hugely consistent, is cooked very quickly and perfectly every time. The Florigo range has allowed us to cook our product to order and the response from the customers has been phenomenal. Our trade has risen conservatively by 25 percent (even taking out price rises) and is still growing.” David Nicolaou, Auckley Friery

“This is my second Florigo range, when I bought the first range, I did around 2 years of research, looking at what was on the market, I travelled around the country and I’ve seen some sights! It became apparent that shop owners I spoke to spoke very highly of Florigo frying range and honestly, other rival companies couldn’t match the performance of the equipment and the professionalism from the start from Florigo especially with the help and advice from Rob … I have the Rolls Royce of ranges and you do get what you pay for.” Marco Maestri, Clifton Village Fish Bar, Bristol

“We love it! Florigo were great from start to finish. Robert came up with great ideas on design and then Mark Theaker came up a few weeks after that. Very efficient! Our product is better than ever, and not only that, but our gas bill is so much cheaper!” Cameron’s Fish Chip Shop Ltd, Stornoway

“What an amazing piece of kit you have produced for us!  We are able to cope with volume, the unit is proving very popular and the quality of the end product is superb.  I would gladly recommend it.” Chessington World of Adventure, Surrey

“There are subtle differences on this range compared to my other Florigos but they make a significant improvement” Graham Kennedy – Bells, Durham

“I’ve worked on many ranges and this one cannot be beaten!  It’s a beast; it just keeps going!” Chris Frangeskou, Fish King, Lincoln