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We’ve been successfully installing frying ranges into UK Fish & Chip shops for many years, whether it’s your traditional local or a 300-seater restaurant.
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We’re here to offer you honest and helpful advice for you and your business.

No matter how big, small or unusually shaped your premises, we design a range to suit your needs. We will offer advice on the design based around the layout of your shop to increase productivity.

When you invest in a Florigo, you are investing in the best equipment for your business to make life easier and provide your customers with the very best fish and chips every time.

Florigo Frying Range
Florigo Frying Range In A Fish & Chip Shop

We’ve worked with the likes of 300-seater fish and chip restaurants, right down to your traditional little local, so no matter what your requirements are, we’ll always find a way to come up with the best design perfect for you.

See our customers section for fish and chip restaurants we’ve worked with over the years.

We’ve worked with many successful Fish & Chip shops and enjoy seeing them thrive.

We’re confident we can help you, book an appointment with one of our Sales Managers today to see how!

How much will a florigo frying range cost?

We do not have a standard price list for our ranges as they are all bespoke and made to order after being specifically designed for the premises they have been ordered for. With so many modern features that can be added to your Florigo, it really is difficult to offer guide prices without understanding individual requirements. Florigo are a “Top of the Range” manufacturer and we are a firm believer that as with many things in life, you do get what you pay for. Why not give the office a call and get an idea of what a bespoke Florigo custom built range would cost for your business.

What finance packages are available?

We offer very competitive leasing options through Complete Leasing Solutions who we have worked with for many years. With a finance package, you can have a brand new, state of the art Florigo range complete with High Efficiency pans, built in Active Triple Filtration and pay for the range as you earn. Payments are 100% tax allowable, fixed for the duration of the term and will not affect existing credit lines. Stage payment deals are also available meaning there is no hefty deposit required. With the range probably being the most expensive item, spreading the cost makes perfect sense and you get what your business needs without delay.

What is the lead time on Florigo Frying Ranges?

Once you have made a commitment to purchase a Florigo, we will send in one of our in-house engineers to undertake a site survey. The site survey details will be confirmed to you along with the final range design and a full guide advising you of the processes that will take place from that point up until your new range is installed. At this point a production slot is confirmed with the factory and the time frame from order placement to delivery can vary depending on how busy the production line is at that time. The manufacturing process can take around 6/8 weeks once your range goes into production.  Installation of the range normally takes 2 days. We understand there are always exceptions and sometimes things are required a little quicker, therefore, we will always do whatever we can to fit in with your specific requirements. (Information based on UK sales and installation)