A Year in the Life of Papa’s Barn

A Year in the Life of Papa’s Barn

When we first spoke to Michael Papa-Adams days before his restaurant was due to re-open in July last year, he was cautiously optimistic about the reception the shop would receive.  Run with his brother Theo, the restaurant, Papa’s Barn in Maidstone, had to be completely re-built after a fire gutted the place almost three years ago.  This hasn’t stopped the brothers though and they have taken the opportunity to create a fresh and stylish layout in their new restaurant.

‘We’ve had lots of interest about when we will open again but we don’t want to get too inundated when we first open: everything is new in the restaurant, from the electrics to the fryer’, Michael explained.  Michael had never used a Florigo before but knew they had a good reputation and would produce quality product which was what they were looking for.  They choose a striking 7 pan island range which would serve their restaurant as well as their takeaway.  It wasn’t just the range that was sold to them: Robert Furey from Frying Solutions gave key advice on the layout of the restaurant; ‘Robert definitely sold us the whole package!’

A year down the line and the business is booming: ‘We are very, very happy with the trade’ Theo said.  Business certainly started off well: on the first day Theo had to marshal the traffic outside before the police took over!

‘Our priority is looking after our customers and for us that means quality, quality, quality: we use the best potatoes, the freshest fish and the best range.’  Theo explained

And their Florigo? ‘We love the range!  It’s the heart and soul of the business and it’s definitely delivering.’

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