Last week I went to visit Dan Lafford at Malt & Anchor. Malt & Anchor is an award-winning restaurant going into its third year. With another nomination in the upcoming 2019 Fish & Chip Awards for Best Restaurant, Malt & Anchor keep going from strength to strength.

Anyone visiting Malt & Anchor can see the hard work Dan and his wonderful team put in to achieve these awards and nominations. There is attention to detail on every inch of the restaurant, making it quirky, warm, friendly and stylish all at once.

Malt & Anchor have had their Florigo multi-unit for over 2 years now and Dan has told us all about how pleased he and his staff are with the performance and benefits of the range. The multi-unit has built-in Active Triple Filtration, 2 high-efficiency x2 basket chip pans, 1 high-efficiency fish pan, 1 blown air chip box and lockable castors so the unit can be easily maneuvered if required.

Dan cooks all sorts of dishes with his range, these delicious dishes set him apart from competitors as he puts his own, individual twist on the traditional fish & chips, which has proved to be a monumental success as he has customers coming to try his food from far and wide.

It’s safe to say that a few obstacles were overcome when it came to installing the Florigo multi-unit. The building is a listed building, meaning the walls couldn’t be moved, so Florigo had the huge challenge of getting the unit into the building without damage to the building or the range! The range had to be stripped down into pieces in the street and moved by a professional machine moving company and re-assembled when placed in the kitchen area, as well as having to move the unit down a steep flight of narrow stairs into a downstairs kitchen.

Dan mentioned how when looking for a range, he struggled to find many companies with the ability to take on this challenge, but when you look at the unit now it fits perfectly in the kitchen and you can see Florigo managed to achieve the unachievable! So, if you’re looking for a new frying range and you think it might not be possible, we are certainly the supplier to ask.

To find out more about how Dan and his team have achieved so much in the last 2 years, their goals, ambitions and much more, then please take 2 minutes to watch the below film and enjoy!

Thank you to Dan and his team for welcoming us and for a fun morning! Thank you to Barney from Fluxx Films for filming and editing.

If you think a Florigo multi-unit might be the range for your restaurant, give us a call on 01527 592000 or email info@florigo.co.uk