Bells: Three’s the Magic Number

The third Bells Fish Shop that has recently opened is a great example of how a small takeaway can be inexpensively fitted out to a really high standard.  The owner, Graham Kennedy, has continued the ‘Bells Style’ into his new shop which includes the branding on the window and his signature fish tank included within the shop.

The finished shop has a very classy, clean and modern look to it and has already proved to be successful since opening in July this year.  Right next door to a Tesco Express, the shop was a dead space prior to Graham to moving in and there were some difficulties getting planning permission but now the shop has opened, all the work has proved worthwhile.

After choosing Florigo for his two other shops and knowing that he could trust the build and service of a Florigo for his third, Graham choose a 3pan island range complete with HE pans.  The blue LED downlighting going across the fryer is in keeping with the shop’s finishes including the menu board that has LED colour changing lighting; like the shop as a whole: simple but effective!

To have a closer look at the Bells sites, visit their website:

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