Carol-Ann sings praises for the excellent 1 day NFFF training course

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Our Carol-Ann only went and completed a 1-day training course at the NFFF on Monday! She enjoyed her day and took away loads of useful information as well as getting to use the new Florigo range.

What did you learn Carol-Ann?

  • This course is for everyone not only Fryers or business owners, but it is also for anyone in the industry.
  • This course provided an insight into the process of fish & chips before it gets served to the customer. Even though I wasn’t behind the counter serving or frying.
  • I learnt about cutting fish with minimal waste, and what to look for when taking bones out.
  • I learned about the batter and testing the difference between 3 different consistencies. I now understand the effect it has on fish. How it looks, tastes and how to get it the very best to suit regions and customers.
  • David Miller went through the more subtle, ‘behind the scenes’ areas of running a shop. How you can lose profits and how to keep an eye on cost. You may think it’s only pennies, but added up across a month or year can mean as much as paying off your mortgage.
  • The course packed in loads. Observing, washing down, weighing, frying, tasting, calculating costs, preserving, food presentation.

We’re excited to share that the latest Florigo is now featured in the NFFF Training School. We’ve provided a 2 Pan High-Efficiency Wall Range. The range also features our unique Active Triple Filtration and Halo Lighting

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Learn from industries leading experts while frying on a Florigo range!

Now you can fry before you buy!

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If you want to know more about Florigo and what we have to offer, call us for a chat and we’d be happy to help!

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