Chipwicks Worthing

Chipwicks in Worthing, West Sussex has been in the family since it opened 1981, originally as a takeaway only – it was then refurbished to incorporate a 40 seater licensed restaurant and has won the Guardian Fish & Chip shop of the Year an unbelievable 9 times.

Adam Rance, who bought the shop from his father 4 years ago, wanted a modern contemporary look when he refurbished, he has gone for a clean fresh design with glass frontage which opens completely in the hot weather, a polished slate floor adds practicality but also compliments the muted colours of the shop which will appeal to a large customer base.

When it came to replacing the fryer Adam says ‘I looked at other range manufacturers but I have had a Florigo for over 20 years and to be honest I trusted the brand to deliver exactly what was promised’. Adam and Robert Furey from Florigo worked together to design the perfect frying solution for Adams needs, Chipwicks now boasts a bespoke, hand crafted L shaped range that includes High Efficiency Chip pans, a chrome plated griddle, a bain marie and a separate counter area for the takeaway and restaurant sections.

Adam offers a special menu 7 days a week and, due to the demand this has created, he employs an award winning double rosette chef, Thursday – Saturday, offering freshly caught local fish and tempting dishes such as Salmon & Scallop Mille Feuille and Cod Colbeurre (butterflied and stuffed with prawns).

Before the shop was refurbished they had a steady business but some days were very quiet and the winter season could be slow – since the changes Adam has noted a huge difference with business increasing by an amazing 80% and the range has coped with no problems at all.

Says Adam ‘I know Chipwicks had a good name but it was a traditional fish & Chip Shop, now we have people queuing every day just for a table, its magic! The quality and consistency of the product has taken the shop to a new level and the best advertising are the queues outside!’

Chipwicks are raising the bar of Fish & Chips, Adam ensures that every piece of regular cod that is served is exactly the same, the prime cut behind the head guaranteeing succulent chunky fish and the best better – his customers are always telling him that it’s the best fish and chips they have ever tasted!

Adam also heaps praise on his staff who continue to deliver the optimum product even when he is not there, ‘Thirteen years ago a young lad asked if any jobs were available’, says Adam, ‘he started peeling 3 barrels of chips for £5 a morning, he is now my right hand man and manages the shop for me – he is an absolute hero and gives the shop 100% – I can’t ask for more’.

This is the future of Fish & Chips, people queuing 3 deep like they used to do in London many years ago, Adam has realised to get the business you have to adapt to changing trends and he is now delivering what the customers want – thanks in part to Florigo – each and every time!

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