Corrieri Café: Crisper, fresher, drier chips

Since installing a Florigo counter range at the beginning of the year, Robert and Peter Corrieri have realised what a difference a new range can make. ‘Our old range was 15 years old,’ Robert Corrieri explained, ‘we were finding that the pans were too big and we couldn’t keep the food fresh so we knew we had to get a new fryer.’

Based in Stirling, Corrieri Café now proudly displays a 3 pan High Efficiency counter range which looks as good as the product it cooks: blue backlit front, a glass inlay and a lower profile to improve communication with customers.

‘This range is definitely more versatile: we find you can keep the product moving and we fry a more consistent product’, Robert said. ‘The customers have commented that they have noticed a difference in the chips and we definitely think that the chips are drier and fresher. We’re cooking in smaller batches now so the chips are crisper and even if there is a rush, the recovery is so good we can easily build up on stock.

‘Although I hadn’t had any experience of frying on a Dutch-style range, I’ve been really surprised at how easy it is to pick up and I find it really easy to work on. We’re serving the queue faster with fresher product so we’re happy!’

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