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Daniel Pettitt’s chain of fish and chip shops along the South Coast has become synonymous with not just tasty fish and chips but also a simple but striking design.  His seven shops all maintain Daniel’s ethos of good quality product and an eye-catching design to entice hungry customers inside.

When it came to the design of the new shop, Daniel focused on his vision of creating a contemporary, recognisable brand.  He applied his own individual style for the design of the shops, making full use of modern lighting techniques, spacious, minimalistic customer areas and technologically advanced, high performance fryers. “I came up with a design that would be attractive to customers, yet practical for the staff to work in – neon blue lighting, marble floors and stainless steel fittings – all of the shops look sleek and fabulous, especially at night!’

It was an obvious choice for Daniel to choose a Florigo; not only do they look the part; they combine build quality and precision performance with a fast recovery rate and are high efficiency, thereby reducing carbon emissions.

Daniel’s forward-thinking entrepreneurism combined with his natural affinity with high standards can be observed throughout the chain. From the high-spec shop designs and carefully chosen products to his meticulously developed in-house training scheme, he strives to ensure he always delivers the highest quality food and excellent customer service.

Daniel also saw how updating the traditional image of fish and chips with a modern twist would help ensure one of Britain’s favourite past-times would continue for generations to come. By applying his creative flair and passion for technology, he has successfully branded the chain with an image which appeals to all age groups.

All of the shops are a credit to Daniel’s hard work and vision. Recently, with the help of Middletons, Daniel has developed his own special brand of batter, to ensure a consistent, light and crispy coating on the fish. He also ensures his potatoes are stored at the optimum temperature of between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius and are peeled freshly every day, to produce the perfect chip. He offers eco-boxes for just 15p and has also designed some recyclable carrier bags, in support of environmental awareness.

Daniel is also supporting the local community ‘My hobby is growing Palm trees so when the UK was successful in its bid to host the 2012 Olympics’ he said, ‘I donated a palm tree (planted on Preston Roundabout in Weymouth) because the sailing events will be held locally at Weymouth and Portland harbours, since then we have donated a second palm tree (planted on Kings Roundabout) as I want to enhance and improve our local area and for the legacy of Weymouth and Portland Olympics in our area to continue in 2012 and beyond’.

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