Edge Ranges

The new frying range from Florigo

It's perfect for business owners looking for a Dutch range at an affordable price.
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We wanted Edge to be as transparent as possible for customers. That’s why you can build your own direct quote from our website. No waiting for a sales visit, no pressure, no haggling.

We want to become the friers choice of affordable ranges in the UK without a reduced quality.

All Edge Ranges come with high efficiency pans to help you reduce your bills compared to a traditional fryer.

With faster recovery times it means the pan will go back to the set temperature you started frying quicker and more efficiently.

This allows you to dramatically increase productivity and get more product through the range per hour and out the door – therefore increasing your turnover.

High efficiency fryers also dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, saving on frying medium and more importantly gives a healthier product to your customer. It’s a win win for your pocket, the planet and your customers.

Florigo High Efficiency Pans

Give your business that competitive Edge

Visit our website to see how an Edge Range can improve your business.