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At Florigo Foodservice Equipment, we believe that our filtration is second to none, and now that Geoff Whitehead has a 5 pan Counter Range with Florigo’s Filterlogic, he is one of our biggest supporters – says Geoff: “The build quality and in particular the filtration really sets Florigo apart from the rest of the fryers. It’s a fantastic range; I love the fryer and especially the filtration system.”

Geoff’s shop, Whitehead’s Fish and Chips based in Hornsea, can get exceptionally busy during the summer so he needed a reliable range which would not only cope with the queues but would save him valuable time.  ‘Lee Woodward from Frying Solutions recommended I have round pans primarily so I could fit 5 pans into the space allocated but also because they’re far quicker to unload; I’ve never used round pans before and I can certainly see the difference,’ Geoff explained.

The filtration system that Geoff has chosen for his range, Filterlogic, also saves him time: this unique system to Florigo filters the oil without emptying the pan and without dropping more than a couple of degrees in temperature.  This means that the time consuming element of filtering is cut out and Geoff can actually filter whilst he is still frying fish in the same pan.

It’s not just the filtration that Geoff believes sets Florigo apart from the rest: “Having the mirror doors on the hot box and the frosted glass effect on the front really makes the range special and makes sure we stand out to our customers.”

“I’ve worked in the industry for years and for me, the aim was always to get a Florigo.  I’ve heard of Florigo for years and I don’t think their reputation has wavered: they’ve always been the best and they always will be.  As with all walks of life, you get what you pay for and I can tell the difference from the other ranges I have had.”

It wasn’t just the range that Geoff was impressed with: “Lee Woodward’s help was invaluable; he had all the knowledge on what we should and shouldn’t have.”

Geoff first bought the shop ten years ago when it was a takeaway and has steadily grown the business; so much so that he is in the process of buying the post office next door so he can build a restaurant with a further 70 covers.  Needless to say he’ll be calling on Frying Solutions again to design an equally fantastic Florigo for him!

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