National Fish and Chip Awards Top 60! Exclusive with Fiddlers Elbow.

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The newly announced National Fish and Chip Awards Top 60 Takeaway’s are now revealed. We are one step closer to finding out who will come out on top! We took the opportunity to catch up with Dominic & Linzi, proud owners of Fiddlers Elbow. They talk us through the competition, offer advice and discuss why they chose Florigo.

Fiddlers Elbow invested in their range in February 2017. They chose a 3 High Efficiency pan counter range. Their range has Active Triple Filtration, Halo Lighting and Mirror Doors!

Congratulations in making the National Fish and Chip Awards Top 60 Fish and Chip shops yet again. How does it feel?

It feels absolutely amazing to achieve Top 60 two years running. It makes all the hard work and very longs hours worth while.

Any advice you’d give to others thinking about competing for the 2021 awards?

The advice we would give is the same advice that was given to us. The awards are free to enter and they make you evaluate your business.

No matter how big or small your shop is, whether you’re using old, new or modern equipment. Perhaps, you’re a hidden gem in the middle of the valleys or located in a busy city. We strongly encourage people to enter the awards. It’s a game changer and can only benefit your business, staff and most of all the customers.

What do you feel makes your Fish & Chip shop stand out?

We feel that our shop is not like your average chip shop, especially in our area. We are very passionate about our industry. We only use sustainable and responsibly caught fish.

We cook everything to order as we feel our customers deserves the very best quality meal. Our menu consists of homemade products. Always sourcing the very best ingredients is also important.

When it comes to our customers, we know that eating out with allergies or dietary needs can be difficult. With this in mind we cater for coeliacs, vegetarians and vegans.

Have you made any changes in your approach to this year’s National Fish & Chip competition?

Last year was our first year entering the awards. We didn’t know exactly what we were doing or what to expect but we were so proud to achieve Top 60.

This year, having more experience and a better understanding of the awards. We are taking on board the feedback that we received from last year. With this, we were able to complete the entry form with much more confidence. This allowed us to answer the questions in more detail. Proving to be successful as we have reached the Top 60 for the second year running. We hope the extra knowledge and hard work will get us through to the next stage of Top 20.

Why did you choose a Florigo Frying Range?

We looked at several different ranges. We picked Florigo because their ranges had more of the features that we required. We were impressed with the Active Triple Filtration system. The system allows us to keep the oil free from carbon particles which also helps the life of the oil. In return this improves the quality of our food that we cook and serve to our customers.

The Halo lighting is also a great addition to the frying range. It doesn’t only make the range look fantastic, but it also makes it much easier to see the food cooking. Basket frying also makes cooking easier and with the quick recovery time. It helps us serve customers fast, making it much more efficient.

Is there anything you’ve found challenging about this year’s competition so far, if so, what?

The competition is always a challenge but a positive one that we embrace. It does test our abilities, but also stimulates us to do our best. Not only for ourselves but for the staff and our customers too.

It makes you check your business, strengths and weaknesses. This will help show you how to improve and enhance any areas that may need modifying.

When competing for the National Fish and Chip Awards how does frying with a Florigo benefit you?

Other than some of the features mentioned earlier, our Florigo range takes a lot of the hard work out of frying. This enables us to interact more with the customers.

What are your proudest achievements as a business so far?

The major refurbishment of our shop in February 2017 is one of our proudest achievements. This transformed our business and gave us confidence to enter awards. To date we have achieved Top 60 two years running in the National Fish and Chip Awards. We’ve also won Gold in the Free From Eating Out Awards. We made it in the Fry Magazine Best 50 takeaways. Amongst this, we were finalists in the British Takeaway Awards 2018. Most of all we are proud to be a part of a truly amazing industry.

Florigo would like to wish Fiddler’s Elbow the very best of luck reaching the National Fish and Chip Awards Top 20. We hope you enjoy a successful rest of the year ahead.

You can support Fiddler’s Elbow even further by backing them in the Good Food Awards for Fish & Chips. Click here to vote.

To find out more about us click here.

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