Fish & Chips at Springfield – Finding the Answer Online

Fish & Chips at Springfield – Finding the Answer Online

If you have never worked in the fish and chips industry before and you’re planning on opening your first fish and chip venture, where do you turn to for advice?  Increasingly people will now do their research online which is exactly what Nigel Hubbard and Michael Cove did: whilst looking into fish and chip shop equipment, ‘Florigo’ stood out and so they investigated further.

‘We did an internet search and found Florigo quite easily; the more we read, we more we thought that Florigo sounded perfect, just what we were after,’ said Nigel.  ‘I’d never worked in fish and chips before but I had felt it would be a profitable business so me and my partners started to plan to convert a cafe we had to a fish and chip restaurant.’

As with any fish and chip venture, the heart of the business is the fryer and the team choose a 3 pan HE counter range with a backlit front just to add that extra touch and to make sure their shop really stands out.

‘The shop has been open for a few weeks now and the range is definitely living up to expectations,’ Nigel said.  ‘It’s user friendly, it doesn’t use much oil and hopefully we’ll see that it doesn’t use that much gas either.’

With good feedback on the product and with word of mouth slowly spreading, Fish & Chips at Springfield is showing that you can find your answer online!

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