Florigo Delivers at Trenchers Restaurant

Trenchers Restaurant in Whitby, one of the most well-known fish and chip restaurants in the UK, knew that when they replaced their frying range, they had to install something that would tick all the boxes. Serving 1,000 people a day on average, they needed a frying range that would not only deal with the high volume of customers, but also deliver those added extras that a successful business needs.

‘When we choose a Florigo, we knew it would be good and it definitely hasn’t disappointed,’ Andrew Wilkinson the General Manager explained. ‘It is a lot easier to work on and the filtration is excellent, far better than any other systems we have used.’

‘We also found that we received invaluable help and advice from Robert Furey: we offer a gluten free option which is proving to be very popular and although we had a rough idea on how we could implement this, Robert gave more specific advice, ensuring that we had two filtration tanks fitted. He also helped a great deal when it came to the position of the range and he managed to squeeze in another pan to increase productivity.’

Their wall range now features 4 High Efficiency pans which are in excess of 92% efficient, mirror backs on the hot box which enhance the product presentation as well as green LED downlighting to match the décor of the premises.

Although it’s only been installed in March, Andrew has already noticed further benefits: he believes that they have already saved money on oil. ‘We probably have saved a couple £100s in oil since it’s been installed and we haven’t had to change any of the oil since it has been installed. It’s too early to tell for sure if we’ve saved money on our energy bills but I would not be surprised if we see a reduction in our bills.

‘Overall we’re very pleased with everything; it’s going really well!’

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