Florigo Frying Range for Grandad Nicols

When an opportunity arose within the ‘Grandad Nicols’ franchise for a site in Ilkley, Leeds, Adrian Midgley jumped at the chance. His other shops all had a Florigo frying range installed and he was so impressed with the frying ranges that he did not hesitate in choosing another Florigo for his new venture.

‘This is the fourth Florigo frying range I have bought and all have them have been built well and built solidly,’ Adrian said. ‘I have noticed a difference with the frying ranges in my other shops: the technology for Florigo frying ranges improve all the time, so even though the other frying ranges are only a few years old, I’ve already noticed a definite improvement in the filtration and the speed of recovery in the fish pan.’

Adrian has three other fish and chip shops already under his belt under the ‘Midgleys’ brand and for this new shop he chose a 5 pan island frying range with HE basket pans. ‘The basket pans are really good as is the Triple Filtration system built into the frying range; I’d definitely recommend it!’

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