Florigo Training: Fantastic Feedback

When you buy a Florigo, you don’t just buy an excellent range, you also receive excellent support including excellent training that will be tailored to your exact needs. We’ve been getting really positive feedback from our bespoke training sessions too; here are some of our new customers that have been singing the trainers’ praises:

Before buying a Florigo, Charlie and Craig at Browns Café in Cleethorpes only used stand-alone fryers so a Florigo was a whole new experience. ‘The sheer size and efficiency of the Florigo range was completely new to us’ Charlie explained, ‘but I found the training brilliant. As the trainer has his own successful shop I was really confident in him and he could give advice on everything: not just the range, but things like batter and what other equipment would be useful. He knew everything and we found it really invaluable.’

Wyn Williams from Tir A Mor in Llanrwst also benefited immensely from the training: ‘It’s my first time on a Dutch range so there is a lot to take on. I found the trainer, Raf, to be brilliant: he really knew what he was talking about and knew exactly what the range could do. Just as important though, like me he is really passionate about what he does and about the industry; this definitely comes through in the training.’

Our main trainer is Rafael Chandler: owner of Croft Street Fisheries in Leeds, Rafael started working in the industry when he was 16 and his shop is a current holder of the prestigious NFFF Fish and Chip Quality Award. In 2006 he was a runner up in the Young Fish Frier of the Year competition and in the same year started working with the NFFF as a tutor on their popular training courses. Using a Florigo range in his successful shop and with bags of enthusiasm for the industry, Rafael is a perfect addition to the Florigo training team.

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