Christmas is a time for giving, let’s give back!

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Christmas is the time for giving, so we’ve put together a fantastic Christmas hamper worth over £250! It includes all the food and booze you could possibly want to keep your Christmas spirits high this winter.

Fish is right at the heart of the nation’s favourite dish. So many people enjoy it and yet, so few know the dangers faced to acquire it. It’s the most dangerous peacetime occupation with an average of 15 fishermen killed of seriously injured every year.

You use sustainably sourced fish for your business, so why not help do your part in sustaining the fishermen that catch them? A simple donation of just £2 helps to fund the assistance for injured fishermen, provide emergency support and enters yourself into our prize draw for our Christmas Hamper for your amazing generosity.

Just last year the Fishermen’s Mission helped 123 fishermen after an emergency at sea. They are on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. They remain the ONLY Fishermen’s Charity to provide emergency support alongside practical, financial and emotional care. However, this committed support comes at a cost, one that together in our great industry we can help contribute towards.

With only 2 days left to enter, there’s no time to waste!


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