Florigo’s all-rounder at Gerry’s!

Gerry Crolla from Gerry’s takeaway in Bathgate, Scotland had multiple letdowns on his previous frying ranges, and decided that a range upgrade was imminent. His choice of new range happened to be a brand new, shiny Florigo 4 HE pan counter range, which neatly incorporated fridges and a pizza counter, tailor-made to suit all his catering needs.

His vibrant shop is now even better equipped to deal with the fast flow of custom, and with business booming, Gerry is more than satisfied with the type and look of his new range. Florigo’s bespoke ranges add an element of authenticity to any shop and for Gerry, the range’s round pans are one of his favourite characteristics. Remarkably eye-catching, elegant, and of course, the round pan technology boasts perfectly even heat distribution. Gerry is thoroughly pleased with his new range. “The pans are so eye-catching and I love the mirrored doors and glass top! It looks great!” States Gerry. The benefits of his new range have proven invaluable for him. “It’s a quality product of a high standard, and I’ve needed no repairs. Mark (Theaker) and the whole team at Florigo were brilliant!”

A reliable range allows for a demanding number of customers. The two-day fitting of the range had bright and early starts, with the team arriving at 5am to ensure a precise and proficient installment. Gerry’s shop has allowed a seamless merge of the fish and chip industry with the fast food industry – and having a trustworthy range has allowed him to focus on all aspects of his shop, from pizza to kebabs with much ease.

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