Flying Fish: Standing Out From the Rest

Since replacing his old range in June with a 3 HE pan wall range, Philip Condon from Flying Fish has nothing but positive things to say about his Florigo: ‘It’s fantastic!’

‘I’ve got two round pans included on the range and they’re fantastic. I’m really impressed with the filtration system as well: unlike my old fryer where the oil returned via the same pipe, this range has a separate return pipe so my filtration is continuous.’

Based in East Hampstead, his customers have approved of his new range: ‘I choose a wall range so the customers can see the frying; everything’s on view and they really like that concept, as well as the product!’

With a 1metre wide HE fish pan also included on the range to cater for all his customers, Philip’s decision to buy the Florigo came down to a simple conclusion: ‘They stood out from the others.’

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