Fresh off the Sole Bay Boat!

The Sole Bay Fish Company has one simple mantra: freshness.  The shop’s owner, Darren Marriott, is a fisherman and has two trawlers catching fresh fish every week, delivering the ocean’s finest directly to the customers at their stylish takeaway in Lowestoft.  Whether his customers want fresh fish for their dinner or traditional fish and chips, Darren and his team can cater for their needs.

The layout of the takeaway has a very clean look and is in keeping with the fresh nautical theme with blue tiles replicating the ocean and a counter filled with a variety of his freshly caught fish.  It’s also very evident that it’s a family run business with family photos proudly hung on the wall which chronicle their history as fishmongers.  All of this reassures the customers that this is a company who know their product very well; after all as the majority of the fish they sell is their own, they know exactly just how fresh the fish is.   In fact, their high-quality fishing practices have been rewarded with the ‘Seafish Responsible Fishing Scheme Award’, reassuring the public of their commitment to responsible sourcing and fishing.

When researching into which frying range to buy, Darren wanted a first rate fryer to get the best out of his high quality product and would consistently deliver his fresh fish to a high standard for his customers.  He spent time looking at a variety of options but his research and a great deal of recommendations from fellow shop owners all pointed to the same choice: Florigo.  Now that the shop has been up and running he knows that he made the right decision ‘The range is really, really good; I’m really pleased with the back up servers and the quality of the machine.  If the opportunity arose, I would definitely think about getting another Florigo again; it’s superb!’  And it’s not just the range he’s impressed with, ‘Every person who works in Frying Solutions are superb; from the first person who answers the phone to the engineers who come to fit the range.’

The fish shop is already successful although it has only been open for a year and his success has been measured not just by the high level of customers who visit the takeaway but also by the reaction of the other local businesses ‘You can definitely see that other local shops have seen what we have done and realised they need to make changes to attract more customers.  We have definitely raised the game in the local area!’

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