Friar Way giving it 100%

Friar Way giving it 100%

‘If you’re going to do something, do it properly.’ This was Vip Measuria’s motto when he decided to open a fish and chip takeaway in Derby. He initially considered buying a second hand fryer but after the Frying Solutions team pointed out that buying a range is an investment, not just something you get by with, he made the decision to invest in a Florigo.

‘I do think that some people feel that they won’t stay in a chip shop for a long while so it’s only worthwhile buying a second hand range. What they don’t realise is that you’ll get more interest for a shop which has high quality equipment installed,’ Vip explained.

The shop that Vip originally bought was a kebab takeaway that had to be completely stripped, allowing him to start from scratch and ensure that no corners were cut. For example Vip choose granite worktop to replace the laminate wood that was previously in place.

This attention to detail has paid off: the takeaway has been awarded a 5 star hygiene award from the Environmental Health and he’s had really positive feedback from his customers about how tasty his food is. ‘I never realised before I had a fish and chip shop how much different the range would make to the food and with a Florigo my product isn’t greasy’ so for tasty fish and chips, choose a Florigo!

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