From A-Z at Andy’s Fish Bar

From A-Z at Andy’s Fish Bar

As every frier knows, there comes a time when you know that your reliable old fryer can’t cope anymore and you have to invest in a brand new frying range.  For Demetris (Jimmy) Demetriou at Andy’s Fish Bar in Nottingham, he found that his faithful 20 year old 3 pan range just couldn’t deal with the queues any longer, so he made the decision that to keep his customers happy, he had to get a new fryer.

‘A good friend of mine has one of the other Dutch ranges but recommended that I got a Florigo.  It was my first time with a Florigo and it’s as different as A-Z from other fryer I’ve worked on,’ Jimmy admitted.  ‘It’s a better built range and I find it easier to work with; so much so that all the staff can produce the same standard of food and you don’t have to be an expert to fry.’

In fact Jimmy has noticed a real difference with the standard of food: ‘We now sell a better product with this fryer.  I used to throw chips away with the old range but it doesn’t happen anymore.’

Jimmy’s experience of the old range influenced his decision with his new Florigo: as his old 3 pan range couldn’t cope with the queues, Jimmy decided to upgrade to a 5 HE pan counter range.  ‘I was advised by Lee Woodward from Frying Solutions that I wouldn’t need so many pans and that a four pan fryer would be more than suitable and he was right: in fact I now find that I struggle to use all pans!’

And how about coping with queues on a Friday?  ‘Customers are no longer turning away because they can see a big queue in the shop and they also don’t have to wait to be served for as long as they used to.  What’s more, they’re also all happy with the product we are selling so I’d have to give my new fryer 10/10!’

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