Frying fabulous fresh fish with Florigo

Frying fabulous fresh fish with Florigo

Although only open for a few months, Mitch Tonks’ Rockfish Seafood & Chips Takeaway has proved to be a roaring success.  After winning many accolades including Best fishmonger, Best fish restaurant and Restauranteur of the year, it’s of little surprise that Mitch’s main focus for his takeaway is serving the freshest local fish and seafood to his customers.

With a daily delivery of fish and shellfish straight from the local fish market to his takeaway overlooking Dartmouth’s seafront, Mitch’s customers are spoilt for choice with a varied menu which changes with the seasons.  The menu includes a wide range of seafood specialities such as potted shrimps, crab salads and sandwiches, cracked crab, smoked salmon and oysters. Whilst his cod and haddock are served in batter, Mitch chooses to serve other fish, such as sole, in breadcrumbs to complement the taste of the fish.

With such strong focus on good quality fish, it’s of no surprise that Mitch wanted a range that would serve his wide range of fish to a consistently high standard.  ‘I’m very good friends with Rick Stein who has Florigo fryers in his establishments and I’d heard good things from them,’ Mitch explained.  From that strong recommendation he choose a Florigo range for his Rockfish restaurant which opened over a year ago and it was then a natural choice to have another Florigo for this new takeaway.

Both ranges feature the latest Florigo filtration to ensure the food is served to the highest standard: whilst one has Filterlogic where you can actually filter the oil whilst you fry, the other has active Triple Filtration; this has three different levels of filtering the oil which removes even the finest elements of debris before returning it back to the pan.

‘I was very pleased with the range in the restaurant and this new range has proved to be absolutely fantastic.  Since the takeaway has opened we’ve been packed and the range has been perfect, keeping up with the orders.  We knew we worked well with a Florigo from our restaurant and we’re very pleased that we’ve stayed with them!’

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