Gills Fry Fry: Branching Out

It’s safe to say that David Gill has a reputation in the industry of opening shops with a fantastic shopfit and cutting edge equipment. His new shop, Gills Fry Fry, in Seaham is no exception: featuring his signature striking style and a modern outlook, his first venture outside of Sunderland is proving to be a popular choice.

‘All my other shops are in Sunderland where there is high competition,’ David explained. ‘Seaham is on the seafront and there aren’t that many shops with a modern look so I thought it would be the perfect place to open the next Gills Fry Fry.’

The purpose built building was completed in April and despite being only open for a few weeks, David is happy with the amount of trade he is seeing. ‘We are known more in Sunderland so I advertised in local papers, radio stations and made sure I made full use of our Facebook presence. Facebook has been excellent for our business: people pick up on it quite quickly as well as Tripadvisor reviews.’ In fact David has truly embraced the internet age with an online delivery service, an app to order directly from their phone and placing special offers and news on their Facebook page to keep interest high.

Sitting pride of place in the new shop is his 4 pan HE Florigo island range featuring red downlighting to match his colour scheme. ‘The range is excellent; it’s definitely one of the best equipment in the shop.’

David’s plan is to spend the next 6 months training the staff and really promoting the shop and if his previous shops are anything to go by, Gills Fry Fry will soon be the shop to visit in Seaham!

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