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We’ve collated some tried-and-trusted information that we think is key to helping your business be the best it can be over the coming months. Remember, Florigo are here to support you with advice, aftercare and our industry experience – we hope you find the following of use!

1. Click & Collect customers *will* spend more money.

On average, you can expect to see your sales increase by 20% if you offer a Click and Collect option for your customers. This is a tried, tested and proven means to build additional revenue for your business.

Not sure where to start? Read more about the benefits of Click and Collect, and the key things you’ll need to consider when offering the service, on our blog post.

We’ve invested time in developing a Heated Shelving Unit that’s perfect for keeping food fresh and warm for Click and Collect customers, and also helps keep the area organised, which will aid productivity in busy periods!

Click and collect orders will spend more money
Spend £1 and get 25p back with the 130% tax deduction.

2. Fancy cutting your Tax Bill?

You can reduce your tax burden by investing in new machinery and taking advantage of the 130% tax deduction, but you’ll need to be quick – the scheme ends on March 31st this year.

How does it work? Put simply, for every £1 you spend on Florigo equipment, your tax gets cut by 25p. It’s a great opportunity for your business to purchase new equipment, or upgrade an existing setup.

Find out more details on this time-limited Scheme by visiting the Government website – click here ››

3. How BIG is your fish?

Are you worried that reducing portion sizes may affect your business? There’s an easy solution – just remove large fish from your menu. By doing so, you will;

✅  Save money.
✅  Reduce waste.
✅  Improve quality control.
✅  Sell add-ons such as curry sauce or scallops.
✅  Reduce cooking time.

When your fish tastes as good as it does with a Florigo, portion size is less of a problem –  your customers will return for the quality of the food.

How Big is your fish?
Say goodbye to poor oil with Active Triple Filtration

4: Say goodbye to poor oil once and for all.

With the cost of fuel and consumables causing concern, it really is time to consider our Active Triple Filtration system. Put simply, it *saves you money* by prolonging the lifespan of your oil.

1st Filtration Stage: Through the Crumb Filter.
2nd Filtration Stage: Through the Miroil Bag.
3rd Filtration Stage: Through the Carbon Filter Pad.

This three-stage process ensures you get clean oil more easily and quickly than you otherwise would – you can read and watch more about Active Triple Filtration by clicking here ››

Florigo customers give their view on our service and support

In difficult times you need a supplier you can trust, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Below are just some of the positive comments we’ve received from our customers – you can watch and read more feedback by clicking here ››

Customer testimonial about superior service and support
Florigo has all the solutions says customer
Parts replacement testimonial
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We’ve got a comprehensive selection of catering equipment, kitchen consumables and filtration accessories available for purchase, 24/7.

Whether you’re short of stock after a busy weekend, or just need to make sure your kitchen kit looks as good as your Florigo range, we can get it to you – fast.

Shop the full range with us at any time of day.
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