Hi Tide: Massive Gas Savings

Hi Tide: Massive Gas Savings

Choosing a fryer is all about personal choice: for some it’s about reliability, for others it’s all about how the range looks.  For Alan and Lana Hawley at Hi Tide in Aylesbury, it was all about the filtration.

‘We had an old range with a separate filtration unit and whilst we were looking for a new range, we had heard about Florigo’s Filterlogic system and liked the idea that everything was in one,’ Alan explained.  ‘With our old range we had to wait until the end of the night to filter the oil so to be able to filter whilst we’re busy really appealed to us.’

A year on from when the fryer has been installed and in Alan’s words ‘we’re reaping the benefits now: we’re saving not just time but money as well, especially with the High Efficiency pans.  Our gas bills have been drastically cut: from £700 a month to £259!  My gas costs have been cut twice and we’re also making significant savings on the amount of oil we buy: we used to get through 16-20 blocks a week with the old range and now we’re on 10-12 blocks, sometimes even less!’

The customers have also noticed a difference: ‘they comment that they’re not waiting as long as they used to and we definitely have more customers coming back.  I’ve kept the same staff levels although I could have actually got away with less people but this way, they don’t wait as long.

‘Overall, I’m really happy; everything’s hunky dory!’

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