The Great North Run for an Important Charity!

On Sunday 12th September, 57,000 determined and dedicated runners will make the Great North Run the World’s biggest and best half marathon – famous for its warm North East welcome, unbeatable atmosphere and the millions raised for good causes.  This year two of those special people will be Dominic Furey, Son of Robert Furey, Florigo MD and his friend Ed as they put their fitness to the test to raise money for a very important charity.

Dom and Ed’s chosen charity is If U Care Share.  The charity is based in the North East with a prime focus on saving lives, supporting communities and preventing suicide.

Below is Dom & Ed’s personal message showing on their donation page to explain why they have chosen this particular charity.

All of the team here at Florigo are very proud of the lads and we want to wish them both the very best with their run and we will be cheering them on!

If you would like to donate towards the charity and help Dom & Ed achieve their target then head to their fund raising page here


Dom & Eds Personal Message

Hello, Dom and Ed here!

We are running the Great North Run this September 12th for If U Care Share.

If U Care Share is a charity based in the North East with a prime focus to save lives, support communities and prevent suicide.

Mental health is a difficult subject for many, and the thought of losing someone to its effects is both heart-breaking and permanent. Mental health may not be discussed or shown in someone’s behaviour but it is always there and can effect ourselves, our families even those who don`t show it in many ways.

Throughout all the hardship and difficulties faced throughout Covid-19 alone, its fair to say mental health became a focus point for many this last year. The work If U Care Share does towards supporting those effected by suicide, those going through difficulties and reaching out to those vulnerable is a true testament to values of love and care to one another but also an inspiration to many including ourselves.

We really hope to raise as much we can to support this amazing charity so they can keep supporting our communities, reaching out to venerable and supporting those effected by suicide – any donations would be hugely appreciated.

Thank you,

Dom & Ed

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