Impressive Training in North Tawton

We’ve had another successful training in Graylings Fish and Chips in North Tawton, Devon. The family owned shop, run by brothers Martin and Lee, already had a Florigo but at 20 years old, it was time to replace it with a newer version which featured all of Florigo’s latest advancements.

Trainer, John Georgallis, reported back on the customers’ initial feedback: ‘Generally they were really impressed by many of the newer features especially by our Triple Filtration system and the performance of the High Efficiency pans.’ The range has 2 HE round pans and Martin and Lee realised that whilst they used to struggle coping with queues with the old range, life would be considerably easier with the new HE pans that cook far quicker.

The range has been fitted with two Triple Filtration units: one to fry their fish in ground nut oil and one for their chips which are fried in rape seed oil. They could really see a difference in the Triple Filtration system which they liked very much.

‘Other smaller features also impressed them,’ John said. ‘They felt that the mirror doors improved the food presentation, the functionality of the timers and they liked the fact that they would not have to use as much oil in the pan.’

Installed just in time for the summer, we look forward in hearing how the Grayling’s season goes!

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