James flies all the way to Harry Ramsden’s in Genting, Malaysia!

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The week before this year’s National Fish & Chip Awards, Sales Manager & our new globe trotter James Houlston flew all the way over to Harry Ramsden’s, Genting Highlands, Malaysia. The purpose of his visit was to train the team on their new Florigo Frying Range at the new Laughing Fish by Harry Ramsden’s Fish & Chip Shop in Resorts World. Resorts World Genting is a huge tourist destination packed with all sorts of different attractions.

They have had a Florigo electric island range with 2 fish pans and 2 chip pans, our unique Active Triple Filtration, a 6 pot bain-marie and LED downlighting on the front of the frying range.

James tells us about his experience in Malaysia!

Day 1

When I started with Florigo I never thought I would be flying to the other side of the world to train a team of around 20 people on how to use our range and how to cook top quality Fish & Chips. I left Heathrow on Monday 14/01 at 10:25 and arrived into Kuala Lumpur on 15/01 at 07:30, it’s an hour drive from the airport to the base of Mount Ulu Kali and then an hour up the winding road to the top of the mountain to the resort. I was met by Mr Tan, the Project Manager, who took me straight to the site where I had the team waiting to greet me. The hospitality I received was second to none and they couldn’t do enough for me from the moment I arrived to the moment I left.

I had 3 days with the team to get as much knowledge and training across as I could. The first day I arrived, I had the 3 head chefs and the managers of the site whilst the rest of the team were busy prepping all the food ready to do menu testing. Once all the head chefs were happy with how to operate the range and get the best out of Florigo’s unique features, I had the team of service engineers arrive to have a tour of the range and to learn how the range operates.

Day 2

On day 2 I had a large team of chefs to train on the range and get them all to individually operate the range to its potential and to ensure they are using our Active Triple Filtration correctly.

Day 3

Day 3 was very much making sure that everyone was comfortable with frying on the range and that they will consistently produce a great product. This was proving to be difficult with the batter as the site is 6,118 ft. above sea level which affects the raising agent in the flour however with a few tweaks we were all happy that the product we had achieved was as good as some of the best shops in the UK.

We even had Dato’ Edward Holloway – Executive Vice President of leisure & hospitality at resorts world Genting and Gerard Walker- Vice President of Food & Beverage at Genting Highlands come to do a taste test and they gave it the big approval. Whilst I was there the finishing touches were being finalised in order for the site to open ready for Chinese New Year.

Back to the UK!

After a great few days with a great bunch of people, it was time to wish them all the best with the opening. I was ready for my 4 am start to fly home and back to the day job. I hope to return back to Malaysia in the future to see how everyone is getting on. Overall it was a fantastic opportunity and it was great to see friers on the other side of the world enjoy frying on a Florigo, the premium frying range brand.

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