Merrills – A well informed choice

Merrills – A well informed choice

The fish and chip industry is filled with proud family run businesses and the Gill family are a prime example of this with various well known shops throughout the North-East of England.  With a good reputation and plenty of experience under his belt, David Gill has recently opened another shop in Sunderland to a great reception.

The site was an existing busy fish and chip shop and to keep that continuity, David choose to keep the name Merrills but he also freshened things up: he gave the shop a modern refit including electronic menus displayed on the wall and by adding pizzas and kebabs to the menu.  When it came to choosing the fryer, he had a vast wealth of knowledge to help guide him: not just from the ranges in his six other shops but also from his family’s experience.  And from this vast amount of choice and recommendations, David decided to go with a Florigo for the first time.

Frying Solutions’ Design Consultant Lee Woodward explained ‘Having many friends and relatives in the trade, David was given many different opinions on all the major Dutch and British ranges on the market.  But when it came to build quality, reliability, customer service, and more importantly the consistency of the product he was serving to his customers, Florigo came up on top.’

David wanted to be a traditional fryer but with a modern twist so choose to include round pans in his 4 pan island range: ‘It was the first time I had used round pans and I was unsure at first but I get on really well with them.  It takes half the time to take the chips out and I’m really impressed with the capacity.  I couldn’t go back to using other pans now!’ David revealed.

The new modern styled Merrills has seen an increase in trade and David’s new Florigo range is so efficient with quicker recovery times that it has been able to cope with double the takings from the previous owner.  And it’s not just the round pans and range’s efficiency that David is impressed with: ‘I really like the overall design and I find that the frying and filtration are alot easier.  I’m really happy with my new range and I would definitely recommend buying a Florigo.’  Safe to say, it’s definitely a recommendation worth having!

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