What is National Fish & Chip Day 2019?

National Fish & Chip Day 2019 is a celebration of a treasured UK dish and the people who create it for us. One of these dens of golden delicacies is Merchants Fish Bar in Bewdley, a fish and chip shop and fish restaurant located right on the bank of the River Severn. This year we combined this day of celebrating the nations favourite takeaway with also trying to raise money for an incredibly worthy cause.

National Fish & Chip Day 2019

The Industry Today

The modern fish and chip industry is under a lot of pressure at the moment with fishing restrictions, a projected potato shortage, increased prices on fish and potatoes and the untrue reputation of being the unhealthiest takeaway available. With all these obstacles to overcome, National Fish & Chip Day 2019 gives us the chance to celebrate everyone who make this dish their life.

National Fish & Chip Day 2019


Merchants Fish Bar have been open for over 23 years and are a part of the fabric of the local community. This year they wanted to make it extra special and give back to their loyal customers and neighbours whilst raising money for the Fisherman’s Mission, a charity that supports the widows and families of British fisherman who are lost at sea.

On the day we partnered with Merchants Fish Bar to provide a Lucky Dip Lunch Time – when a customer ordered a fish and chips lunch they had the chance to win extra goodies, from a free side to a slap-up meal for four. The shop and team were decked out in National Fish & Chip Day 2019 regalia – posters, bunting, t-shirts, and hats.

National Fish & Chip Day 2019

Raising Awareness & Raising Money for The Fish Mish

We also raised money for Fisherman’s Mission. Andrew Smith, Operations Manager at Florigo shared “We don’t often think about where the food on our plate comes from. Fishing can still be dangerous but there are people who take that risk to provide for the nation. Fisherman’s Mission is about taking care of the families of those who we lose each year to the perils of the sea.” Donations for this charity are accepted for a week after the event with Robert Furey promising to match each donation.

Scrolling through the social media feeds at the end of the day showed how passionate the workers of the fish & chip industry are. So many people went all out and celebrated the day in style! We hope everyone enjoyed the day and had the support they deserve. Roll on next year!

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