New innovation to help perfect your click & collect & deliveries!

COVID19 has brought on a huge increase in the demand for Click and Collect and Delivery options in fish and chip shops, due to people staying home more and with dine-in restaurants being closed, the nation has heavily relied on takeaways for their treats! The convenience of Click and Collect and Delivery options has proved to be very appealing for local customers, and something many business will continue to thrive on post-pandemic.

Keeping food fresh for your customers

Over the last year we’ve had customers keen to explore ways they can adapt their frying methods to make preparing food easier for C&C and delivery, as well as ways to make sure the food is kept as fresh as possible by the time it’s being enjoyed by the customers.

It’s imperative that shops are taking steps to guarantee freshness by the time customers receive their meals, customer loyalty is greatly valued in fish and chip shops, ensuring they can still get the same quality meals will help make sure you don’t lose their loyalty.

So, how can Florigo help you? We have acknowledged this increase in demand and have invested some time into finding a solution to help shops guarantee freshness for their customers.

Thinking about your heat sources

The key for shops to provide fresh food is successfully storing the food until it is collected or delivered. Once the food has been prepared and is packaged, you want to preserve the warmth of the food with no significant temperature increases or decreases. Shops have invested in heat lamps that sit above the packaged food; however, you are not likely to be receiving the full benefit as the heat source is quite a distance from the food and will have to get through the top of the package before reaching the product.

Heat rises, keeping the whole package warm

As we all know heat rises, so we have developed a solution where the heat source sits directly underneath the food enabling it to travel upwards and maintain the warmth of the whole package. This is achieved by building a heat source into the shelving area that the food package sits on whilst awaiting collection. This also helps keep the area organised and tidy, which will aid productivity in those busy periods!


We’re thrilled to be able to share the latest innovations with you, to help make your life easier. Find out more when you get in touch!

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